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Who We Are

Range America Firearms & Training Center is a 16,000 square foot facility with a retail showroom, two classrooms, a customer lounge, a deli and a state of the art indoor shooting range. Our retail shop offers a full line of firearms, accessories, ammunition, apparel, optics, and knives. We also offer Class III (SOT) items such as suppressors and full auto weapons. The indoor range features climate controlled pistol, shotgun and rifle lanes (six for handgun and six for rifle / handgun & shotgun). Our Instructors are all certified in many disciplines to teach a wide variety of classes for any skill level. Additionally, we offer Gunsmith and Armorer services for cleaning, repairs, and modifications to your firearms.

What We Do

Promote Firearm Safety | What We Do | About Us | Range America

Promote Firearm Safety

We ACTIVELY promote the ‘Project Childsafe’ program, produced by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) {{ Own It? Secure It ~ Respect It }}. Additionally, they provide free gun locks and information about safe storage of your firearms in your home. More information can be found at ProjectChildSafe.org

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We offer the finest names in the industry for modern firearms (Handgun / Rifle / Shotgun / SOT items). We have a large inventory of new firearms, suppressors, optics, knives and shooting accessories. Our knowledgeable sales professionals will help meet any shooter’s needs. Often, the ability to “try before you buy” will exist from our rental fleet of handguns for the indoor range.

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From a course designed for someone who has never fired a handgun, to the NRA ~ Basic Handgun class. Everything from KY CCDW (or IL CCDW) curriculum or Defensive Handgun course, our certified NRA instructors are committed to helping you reach your shooting goals.

Shoot and Practice | What We Do | About Us | Range America


Twelve lanes of indoor rifle, shotgun or pistol shooting on an advanced, automated targetry system available will provide you with an unparalleled shooting experience. It does not matter if it is 3 below or 103 and raining; you will always be comfortable in our climate controlled environment!

Why We Are Different

Buying a firearm can be an intimidating experience. From our original conception of Range America we had to make decisions of what will separate us from the “other” local gun shops. We certainly did not want any part of the “big box store” mentality. Nor did we want to mirror what everyone else was doing. We decided to blaze our OWN path. As an example, the way our handguns are on display, you can literally get inches away from the product you are looking at (behind the glass doors). There is not a counter (as an obstacle) between the handgun and the potential buyer. A friendly, no attitude, safe, clean, and modern operation will greet you when you walk through our doors! Whether it's your first time holding a firearm, or you're an experienced shooter, allow our professionals to guide and assist you in choosing the right firearm.

Our Philosophy

Whether you're an avid hunter, experienced marksman, or just someone who enjoys a fun day on the range, you'll find a lot to love at the RAFTC. We believe strongly in Firearm Safety and in your rights, guaranteed by the Second Amendment. We also enjoy bringing New Shooters into this sport and acclimating them to firearm safety and proficiency. Age and gender really do not matter, and the youth is the lifeblood of this sport.

It does not matter if your interest is hunting, marksmanship, firearm safety, collecting, or just target shooting, we have you covered at RAFTC. We are firearm enthusiasts serving firearm enthusiasts. We will notify you when we have special events. From time to time, firearm manufacturers and/or accessory companies (optics, holsters, ammo makers, clothing, special training sessions, etc.) will be on site to demonstrate their product lines.

We believe in the message of firearm safety, education and responsible gun ownership. We want to educate the current generation and next generation on the heritage and tradition of the shooting sports. Our actions today will ensure that your children and grandchildren will have the same (or better) opportunity as we pass the torch to the next generation of firearm enthusiasts.

We believe that a community and business should work together in an integral way. We are proud to be a part of this community and we want to put something back into our community. As an example, we donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of (a specific target) to a Breast Cancer awareness program.

We are actively engaged in forming relationships with local 4H, Boys Scouts of America, and other youth organizations. Additionally, we are active in forming education programs to go into local school districts. This “Lesson” is directed at teaching a child about Firearm Safety; is NOT about teaching a child anything except the dangers of a firearm!

We also encourage these simple words for you to teach young children who may be “exposed” to a firearm and you are not there with them:

If you see a gun:

Stop! / Don't Touch It! / Leave the Area / Tell an Adult!

Range America has teamed with local Law Enforcement to spread the word and educate responsible gun owners about the proper and safe way to store firearms in the home.

Our Mission

To promote firearm safety, responsible ownership, public education and to further the practice of safe and legal firearm sports. As law abiding firearm enthusiasts we want to do our part to expand this opportunity to fellow enthusiasts and the next generation.