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Type Of Gun

  • Hand gun or Long gun
  • Machine Gun (Full Auto)
Hourly | Range | Range America

Non Members Hourly

  • $20.00
  • TBA
Hourly | Range | Range America

Members Hourly

  • $17.00
  • TBA
2nd Shooter, Same Lane | Range | Range America

2nd Shooter

  • Pay Lane Share Only - No Charge to “Share” the firearm
  • TBA
  • Type of Gun: Pistol or Rifle
  • Non Members Hourly: $20.00
  • Members Hourly: $17.00
  • 2nd Shooter: $8 (Includes 1 Free Target)
  • Type of Gun: Machin Gun (Full Auto)
  • Non Members Hourly: TBA
  • Members Hourly: TBA
  • 2nd Shooter: TBA

You can “trade out” (during your hour) for any other handgun or rifle (non- SOT). One Gun at a time for this program and you must purchase our ammo for all rentals!

The Team

Range America, LLC, contracted with Action Target for design and installation of a technologically advanced, automated, indoor range system. Our climate-controlled bays provide shooters with a comfortable and clean shooting environment year round.


Our indoor range consists of two bays (12 total lanes) with a maximum target distance of 75 feet. Both bays are equipped with Action Target's industry leading Total Containment Trap, Baffling System, and Clear View Ballistic Glass Stalls. The heated and air-conditioned bays feature state-of-the-art ventilation, and vacate more than 75 cubic feet of air/minute. This provides the shooter with cool, clean air year round while avoiding air contamination associated with most indoor ranges.


Both bays include fully automated Mancom targeting systems. Once you hang your target, enter the distance on the touch screen and send it down range. When you are finished shooting, call the target back from the Touch Screen. The Touch Plus system also has the ability to provide shooters with Timing Drills. Your target will present itself for as little as one second, and you will have to raise your firearm to the target, aim, and decide to ~ Shoot / Don’t Shoot ~ (depending on what you see down range)! The turning target heads will add excitement as you feel your increased heart rate pounding your chest.


12 lanes, divided into 2 bays. One is designed for Handgun only, the other bay will handle Rifle, Handgun, or Shotgun. It has been additionally engineered to accommodate high power rifles up to but not including .50BMG.


Wednesday - Sunday 10:30am to 7:00pm.

Monday & Tuesday Closed